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Natural Herbs

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” 
~ Phil Collins

In teaching we obtain a lens through which we can observe ourselves.

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2022 Workshops

Saturday, June 11th

10:15 AM

Beautiful Bitters

Jessica Spurr
Earthly Apothecary,

Four Seasons Herbal Guild

If I could recommend one thing, herbally inspired that is easy and would benefit the balance of systems in humans it would be the usage of bitters before meals! Let's explore the details of this lovely concoction, taste one and make one!

11:30 AM

Fire Cider

Jessica Spurr

Earthy Apothecary

Rosemary Gladstar's famous recipe, born of kitchen witches of the1970's this classic blend steeped in Apple Cider Vinegar is Spicy, Sweet and Delicious!  A Shot a day keeps the bugs at bay!

12:45 PM

Vaginal Steaming

Laura Clemmons

Tendril Apothecary

This class focuses on the basics of self-care with respect to a healthy moon time. Specifically, we will discuss vaginal steams, self-directed uterine massage, and the plants that support a healthy menstrual cycle. I will talk about the herbs used for vaginal steams and formulas that promote tone and overall health with an emphasis on the plants of the area. I will bring my steam box and prepare some steams for participants to experience, as well as offer them outside of class.  Clinically, vaginal steaming is extremely useful for women experiencing painful periods, clotting, pelvic congestion, fibroids and more.


Wild Food Foraging

Elaine Sheff

Green Path Herb School

Join herbalist Elaine Sheff of Green Path Herb School to explore edible (and medicinal) plants including many common garden weeds, native plants, berries and edible flowers that grow around Spokane. We will discuss the ethics of wild harvesting. Each student will receive a detailed handout including many wild food recipes!

Sunday, June 12th

9:15 AM

Nurture your Nature

Amy Dutton
GardenUP Landscape

Discussion and exploration of the idea's of Dr. Doug Tallamy, the symbiotic relationship between the insects and the flora of your backyard.


11:45 PM

Ten Healing Herbs

Elaine Sheff

Green Path Herb School

In this beautiful and informative class, herbalist Elaine Sheff of Green Path Herb School will explore a new twist on ten of our most popular healing herbs that are easily grown in your garden. Elaine will share growing tips and medicinal properties for each plant. Herbs discussed will include bee balm, self heal, chamomile, plantain, calendula, comfrey, yarrow, marshmallow, echinacea and peppermint. Each participant will get a free Ten Healing Herbs book download at the end of the class that includes detailed directions on how to make herbal honeys, throat sprays, oils, salves, eye washes, liniments, teas and cough drops.