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Chinese Medicine

Free herbal education workshops 

will be hosted throughout the day. 

Please, enjoy as many as you would like!

We create new culture, by promoting new ways of life




Do you have something to share?


Wish someone had asked you to teach?

If you are inspired to share something that would fit at the Herbal Faire, please do so! Fill out the box below, and make sure to write in the message what you would like to teach!


Natural Herbs

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” 
~ Phil Collins

In teaching we obtain a lens through which we can observe ourselves.

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2023 Workshops

We  have THREE locations for workshops onsite

The Chapel - beautiful building on South West Corner, entrance is up a cement path with roses

The Community Hall - main building, up the three steps

The Herb Garden - Outdoors! Garden is near the parking lot, on the north side of the property

Saturday, June 24th

Maizy Ruth

Mortal Beloved

Sitting Vigil


Learn how to be present, attentive and participate graciously in your beloved’s sacred transition from this life to the next.

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Margi Flint

Earth Song Herbals


Reading the Body



The lines on our faces and our bodies, their unique depth and color, the texture and appearance of the tongue, the eyes, the skin, all of these hold significance. Some are age related, and others are more Come and learn what your body has to say!

This intro is for anyone, but in Oct, on the 28th & 29th, we will be having a TWO day workshop by Margi Flint of EarthSong Herbals. The cost will be $250 a head, class will be Saturday & Sunday 10-4.

Please email Jessica for more info.

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Herbs for Death and Dying

Join Herbalist Elaine Sheff and begin to develop a tool box to help loved ones transition through death with loving support and peace.

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Sunday, June 25th

Jessica Spurr
Earthly Apothecary

Fire Cider,

The Story & How To!


Learn the story of how Fire Cider came to be in the kitchen of Rosemary Gladstar. How it was the topic of a federal court case, and we won and can call it Fire Cider once again. 

Quick demonstration on how to make this amazingly easy home remedy!

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Ntasha Clarke

Maven Works

Rose: How to be

Open Hearted
12:15 - 1:45


Join Natasha with her unique storytelling of Rose medicine, a foundational herb for heart healing. We will explore the wildcrafting, medicine making and uses of all things rose and how our interactions and relationship with plant medicine becomes integral in the healing path

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The Medicinal Herb Garden


Outside, herb garden

A medicinal herb garden is a meditation practice with herbs, bees, birds, sun, water, and soil combining to create a sanctuary for both plants and people. Spending time in a medicinal herb garden is so healing. The scent of flowers wafting in the air, bees happily buzzing from plant to plant, the feel of the soil under the feet and on the hands helps us to commune with nature and breathe deeply, letting go of stress and anxiety. Join Suzanne Tabert in the herb garden as she weaves stories about the plants that reside there. 

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Meryl Kastin
Alive & Wild Herbals

Helpful Herbs for COVID



This class will focus on herbs thatare useful as preventatives for, during and for rebuilding after COVID infections.

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Making Layered

Planted Medicine


Join Herbalist Elaine Sheff to learn some simple ways to use a single herb to make a multi layered medicine to enhance different emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the plant and expand its healing range.

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